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Rebuilding My Family in Recovery: Addiction Survivors Discuss Mending Fences After Finding Lasting Sobriety

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The excruciating pain of addiction isn’t limited to the person who’s abusing substances — it extends to those closest to them, too. Families are often forced to watch helplessly while their addicted loved one spirals out of control. When a person is able to enter addiction recovery, repairing the damage caused by their substance abuse often doesn’t come easily.

Brandon is an addiction survivor who battled an opioid painkiller addiction for three years. We had the opportunity to talk to him about his journey to sobriety, the role his family played, and how he’s staying on the sober track today. Here’s some of what he shared with us.


It wasn’t just that Brandon’s family knew he had a drug problem — it was that they’d truly watched him slip away before their very eyes.

“My whole life changed,” Brandon said of his substance abuse. “I wasn’t the funny, nice, sweet guy I had been. By the third year of using, people started piecing it together — I had lost 50 pounds. I had always been athletic, in the gym every day, two hours a day — but I wasn’t focused on working out anymore. I would lie and tell people I was trying to lose weight.”

Unable to stand idly by, his family tried reaching out.

“My immediate family started asking if everything was alright. My grandpa kept bringing up stories about people he knew whose kids or grandkids were on heroin. Finally, one day, he flat-out asked me if I had a problem with drugs — and if I did, to let him know and he would help me,” he recalled. “That talk got in my head for a little bit, and for a few months I slowed it down.”

Brandon’s parents finally sat him down and told him he needed help to get sober. Denying his problem while looking into the eyes of the people he loved most shook him to the core.

“I didn’t know what to say,” he admitted. “I was ashamed, embarrassed and disappointed. My little sister, who had always looked up to me, was crying.”

After a few days of soul searching, Brandon decided going to treatment was the right decision. On a whim, he booked a flight to California to check into a rehab facility. But his father knew how important it was to find the right program, so helped his son connect with an experienced counselor who helped Brandon weigh his options and feel more confident about entering treatment.

“He cared about getting me into the right place and really getting me help,” Brandon said. “So, I changed my flight and my plans and went to the Treehouse.”

His time in rehab helped him get to the root of his issues so he could get back to being the man he wanted to be. Now that he’s sober, he said his relationship with his family is a major motivation to stay clean.

“My main reason is my mom, dad, and sister. I’m so tired of disappointing them,” he said. “My sister is scared to be around me. I fell asleep behind the wheel with her in the car once, and she had to grab the steering wheel. She’s scared.”

He knows it will take time to truly fix his relationships, but is committed to making up for his past behavior.

“I’m tired of seeing my parents’ faces distraught. My mom — she’s just this bundle of joy, and to see her unhappy just tourments me,” Brandon said.

And sticking to his sober path isn’t just good for his relationships with his family, it’s helped him learn to love himself again, too.

“I’m not drained, my personality is back — the old me is back, and people love me,” he asserted. “I don’t want to go back.”

How Soon After I Suffer a Personal Injury Do I Have to File a Claim?

After going through an accident that ends up with injuries, the victim will never know the full extent of their damages until some time has passed after the accident. Even if a person believes that their injury was minor, they could suffer pain for months to come and develop greater injuries as a result of the accident.

So, how will the victim know how much to claim for if they do not know the severity of their injuries? What do they do? Do they file the claim without learning just how badly they were injured? Or do they wait and risk the statute of limitations deadline? What should the victim do if they are still in the healing process? The best personal injury attorneys in Miami, FL can help the victim with what they need to do and what is the best thing that needs to be done in regards to their case.


When Is the Best Time to File the Injury Claim?

Whether the victim is still in the process of receiving treatment, they do not need to wait until after their treatment has finished filing a claim. They can immediately file a claim after being injured. In fact, the sooner the victim files the claim, the better it is. It doesn’t matter whether it is a claim against the insurance company or against an individual.

The reason for filing as soon as possible is because there are deadlines when it comes to filing a lawsuit, also known as “statute of limitations”. Every personal injury claim will have a different timeframe. Along with the type of personal injury, the state in which the accident occurred also influences the time a person has to file their claim. If the victim wants to take their case to trial, they will have to comply with the specified time for the type of injury and place where the injury happened. If the victim fails to do so, their case will be dismissed and they will not have any future chances to file a lawsuit for the same injury.

Filing the claim is the first step that the victim needs to take. Now, the victim does not have to settle their case right away. The best time to settle a case is when the victim has learned a number of damages that their injury caused like medical fees, loss of income, pain and suffering, or any other type of damages.


Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer to Help with Filing a Claim

The best and easiest way to file a claim would be with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.The lawyer will know exactly when their client should file to maximize the amount of compensation they will receive. A victim should never accept a settlement before understanding the full scope of the injuries they endured. The firm works with their clients to obtain the best outcome.

What Are the Top Five Mental Health Disorders That Are Misdiagnosed?

Many people might find it difficult to go seek help for a mental disorder that they may have. Obtaining a diagnosis is the first step in receiving treatment. Going to a physician’s office may be the first step, but not the last. Sometimes, mental disorders will be misdiagnosed for other similar conditions. Misdiagnosis occurs in almost every medical setting. There are no specific statistics about the number of mental disorders that go undiagnosed, but it happens.

Misdiagnosing a medical condition can make a person suffer a great harm. A mental disorder is something that needs to be taken care of immediately. Some mental disorders can create a person certain thoughts that may even lead to their death. The medical malpractice litigators know the disastrous effects that a misdiagnosis can have on a patient and are here to serve those in Orlando who suffered an injury as a result.


Mental Disorders Prone To Be Misdiagnosed

Some mental disorders are more prone to be misdiagnosed than others due to the similar symptoms that they have with other medical conditions. The following mental disorders tend to be mostly misdiagnosed:

  1. Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar is a disorder that brings highs and lows in a person’s mood. One second they may be happy and another second they may be mad. A study found that about 69% of patients are misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder. It took about five to seven years to properly diagnose these patients. Bipolar disorder tends to be misdiagnosed with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) or Unipolar depression.

  1. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a chronic condition that brings a person hyperactivity, difficulty in paying attention, and instances of impulsiveness. Studies found that many people are diagnosed with ADHD even though they do not have it. Children tend to be the ones who are misdiagnosed the most with ADHD because they are just going through a growth spurt and are acting immature. ADHD is often misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression.

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common disorder present in the United States. In fact, it impacts about 18% of Americans. Although it is the most common disorder, it can take a while to be properly diagnosed with anxiety. Anxiety brings a person feelings and emotions of fear or worry that interfere with their lives because they are so strong. Anxiety is often misdiagnosed with depression or it is not diagnosed at all.


  1. Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD)

Borderline Personality Disorder occurs when a person has problems in regulating their emotions. This lack of regulation leads to impulsive acts, instability, unstable mood swings, and relationships that are not stabled. It can cause a person to self-harm.  A borderline personality disorder is often misdiagnosed with unipolar depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or bipolar disorder.


  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, rape or other violent personal assault”. PTSD is often misdiagnosed for other mental disorders that have similar symptoms. It tends to be misdiagnosed with bipolar depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression.


Serving Misdiagnosed Patients in Orlando

A mental disorder that is misdiagnosed can have serious repercussions for a person. Many mental disorder can cause a person to self-harm and if it is not treated in time, a person can die. A mental disorder like any other medical condition should be diagnosed properly and in a timely manner. This is an issue that the lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm vigorously fight for.






Important Witnesses That May Be Needed in Personal Injury Cases

Important Witnesses That May Be Needed in Personal Injury Cases

Most people who seek a personal injury claim do not know the aspects that are going to be associated with their case. There are a variety of things that need to be performed and gathered to be able to help a victim’s case in proving negligence in a wrongful death or personal injury.

The success of a claim can depend on these following elements:

  • Proof: that the victim has shown how they sustained their injuries from the specific accident
  • Damages: that the victim endured as a result of their injuries
  • Evidence: that the victim has gathered for their case
  • Liability: who was to blame for the accident?
  • Witnesses: Was there anyone present during the time of the accident that can backup the plaintiffs claim? This is a crucial element because it can serve as a means of supporting the victims claim with their testimonies.

What Types of Witnesses Exists in A Personal Injury Claim?

In a personal injury claim, there are two types of witnesses that are used. The most obvious one is the person who was there at the time the accident took place. These witnesses are usually known as “incident witnesses” because they saw the incident first-hand. A testimony from these witnesses needs to be gathered in a timely manner because as the days pass, a person can forget the chain of events that led to the accident and they would lose credibility as a witness. The victim should make sure that all information about the witness is obtained. Witnesses who are family members or friends are known as “lay witnesses”. These witnesses can be crucial for a victim’s personal injury case.

Another witness that is used to build a solid case is known an “expert witness”. Who is an expert witness? These witnesses are imperative, especially when a case goes to trial because they are the only ones capable of explaining hard concepts to the jurors who wouldn’t otherwise understand on their own. The pro to having an expert witness is that there are certain issues that can be presented to the jury that could not be present if there were no expert witness. They are experts in the certain topic that is being brought forth to the jury. For example, if a person suffers a medical malpractice, the victim’s attorney would most likely higher an expert witness(medical expert) who focuses on the medical malpractice that was performed. Their testimonies would be valid because that is their expertise and area of study.

Miami Lawyers At Percy Martinez Law Firm

Despite which personal injury claim a victim is pursuing, having witnesses is always beneficial for a plaintiff’s case. A Miami Personal Injury Lawyer from Percy Martinez Law Firm knows exactly which witnesses would be beneficial for their client’s case. They examine each one thoroughly to see who would an asset to the case. The lawyers also hire the appropriate expert witness for the injury that was endured. Their number is (305) 529-0001 and are available 24/7.


Steps to Take If You’ve Been Convicted of a DUI

After a Happy Hour that turned into a couple of hours, you grabbed your keys, said goodbye to your co-workers, and walked to your car. Feeling “buzzed” you decided to take the route home you know well. Halfway home you saw flashing lights behind you and were pulled over by a cop. He said you didn’t make a full stop at the stop sign; you have no recollection.

He asked you if you have been drinking, you tell the truth, “a few,” and he asked you to get out of the car. You passed the Field Sobriety Test but failed the Breathalyzer. You are now facing a DUI conviction.

No one plans on getting a DUI, but it can even happen to the people who just “have a few” after work with some friends. Without a doubt, drinking and driving is a serious offense that can lead to accidents and put lives at risk; it can also be life-changing for those who are convicted.

It’s important to remember that a DUI conviction varies and depends on the circumstances and the state in which you live. Here are some general steps to take if you’ve been convicted of a DUI:

Legal Advice

Whether it’s your first DUI or a subsequent offense, seeking legal advice is always a good idea. Unless you have a strong legal background and thoroughly understand your state’s laws concerning DUIs, find an attorney you like and can trust. If you’re on the fence about hiring one, most attorneys offer a free consultation.

If you do decide to hire an attorney, he or she will help you understand all the details of your case and explain all possible consequences. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, but it depends if you go to court and how you plea.

Go to Court

If you have a court hearing, don’t skip out. Some people, facing a conviction, miss their court date and face more trouble later on. It’s not worth the extra legal issues. Whether you’re pleading guilty or not, go to court.

Consider Alternate Punishments

If you have clearly violated your state’s drunk driving laws and have been convicted of a DUI, your best option is to face the consequences. An attorney will help you determine whether or not you truly violated the law. As a first time offender, you are likely to be given a hefty fine, a suspension of your license, and maybe even jail time.

Depending on the details of your conviction, your judge may offer, recommend, or enforce alternativepunishments for your DUI conviction. In some cases, he or she may offer these as a substitute or “credit” towards jail time or fines.

Be Cooperative

We’ve all seen the courtroom dramas where the defendant acts out and is charged with “contempt of court.” It makes for good tv, but it will never be in your favor if you fail to cooperate. Believe it or not, a bad attitude won’t help you out when you’re facing a DUI conviction.

The best step to take, once you’ve been convicted of a DUI, is to never put yourself in the situation to get a subsequent DUI.



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