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Fraud Lawyer Gets 61 Felony Charges Reduced to One Felony Charge

Scottsdale, AZ. April 21, 2010 – Fraud Lawyer David Michael Cantor’s Office was able to get 61 felony charges, ranging from Fraud Schemes to Participation in a Criminal Syndicate, reduced to a plea of a simple charge of Class 6 Undesignated Felony of Possession of a Forgery Device.

Fraud Lawyer Cantor’s associate was representing Ms. Dye, who was employed at a tax return preparation business which her step father owned, in the case of the State of Arizona v. Dye. Dye had been directed by her stepfather to prepare numerous tax returns and to sign the documents with his name and a social security number that did not belong to either her or her stepfather. This resulted in over $1,000,000 of tax losses to the State and Federal Government. Dye was ultimately charged with 61 felony counts and was potentially exposed to over 200 years in prison.

“DM Cantor worked hard to provide evidence to the Assistant Attorney General that Ms. Dye was unwittingly dragged into this scheme,” said Fraud Lawyer David Michael Cantor. “As a result our office was able to get 61 felony charges reduced to just one and we were able to keep Ms. Dye from being sentenced to any jail time.”

Fraud Lawyer Cantor’s associate presented evidence to the Arizona Assistant Attorney General that Dye was unwittingly pulled into the scheme, and ultimately resolved the case with a plea of a Class 6 Undesignated Felony of Possession of a Forgery Device. Dye received six months of supervised probation, with the charge being designated as a Misdemeanor upon completion of probation, and was able to avoid serving any jail time.

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