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Too many Lawyers? Forced Mentorship

Does the US have too many lawyers? Talk to anyone in Law School or a recent graduate and they paint a bleak picture of employment prospects. Part of this is because education has become big business and rather than create a situation where market demand for trained lawyers meets the supply; schools seem more than happy to keep collecting large tuitions while flooding the market. One answer states are trying out is called ‘Forced Mentorship’ and today David M Cantor, a Phoenix DUI Lawyer, talks about it:

The most recent case of a state implementing ‘Forced Mentorship‘ is in Oregon while Georgia and Utah lead the way some time ago. As reported in Above the Law last month and reiterated by David: What was the point of spending the last 3 years and at least $100k in new debt getting the Legal Degree? David goes further and questions if this might be interfering with the Commerce Clause.

The idea is that if a recent Law School graduate wants to start their own practice then they first must spend 1 year under the mentorship of a practicing lawyer with at least 5 years of experience. The thinking is along the lines of a Medical Doctor doing a residency so that they learn how to save lives. While David concedes that in the case of a Trial Lawyer this might be a good idea he questions whether a Contract Lawyer needs this level of help.

In the end David is a little stumped on this one and would appreciate hearing what you have to say.

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