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Stopped at a Phoenix DUI Task Force Checkpoint

Stopped at a Phoenix DUI Task Force Checkpoint

What is the Arizona DUI task force?

The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) strives to prevent motorists from driving while impaired or intoxicated. AZGOHS awards grant funds to local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and nonprofit organizations to reduce alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Funds are awarded based on the need for the project as determined by the ratio of the number of alcohol-related accidents and deaths to the total number of accidents and fatalities in the geographic area. The Phoenix, Arizona, Department of Public Safety (#AZDPS) DUI task force is a multi-agency effort with federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Despite the efforts of the Phoenix, Arizona, DUI task force to increase their presence on the highways, Phoenix parents still tried to drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol over the 2018 Halloween holiday. A 41-year-old woman taking six children under the age of 10 trick or treating in her SUV careened off the road and into a ditch at 8:30 P.M. on Wednesday evening. Her speech was slurred, and she reeked of alcohol when police arrived at the scene. Her blood-alcohol was twice the legal limit. She faces five counts of aggravated DUI, and she was drinking from an open container. Of course, she lost custody of the kids. In another incidence, a Phoenix police officer was injured when a vehicle rolled over onto him early Sunday at 27th Avenue and Camelback Road. The driver, charged with driving under the influence, was in possession of controlled substances at the time of his arrest.

What is a First DUI Arrest?

A first DUI arrest is not the end of the world, but you will do at least minimal jail time, pay a fine, and loss of your driving privileges. Your car insurance premiums will drastically increase when you get driver’s license back. When you get pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you will be offered an opportunity to prove your innocence. The officer will decide what test of sobriety to provide you with. The officer may request that you get out of the car and walk in a straight line. If you refuse the test, your driver’s license will be suspended immediately.

How Can I Get My DUI Charges Reduced?

If you endangered children or injured others while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you’ll face serious criminal charges. If your first DUI arrest involves an accident, our Phoenix DUI lawyer may be able to get your bail or charges reduced. Our lawyers can represent you in criminal court, traffic court, and civil court to try to salvage your rights and your freedom so you can return to work and your family or friends. Our criminal defense attorney can represent you in:

  • Criminal court
  • Drug court
  • Traffic agency hearings
  • DHS agency hearings
  • Civil litigation

What Are Criminal Hearings Versus Agency Hearings?

Your criminal lawyer represents you in state court in front of the judge. Your criminal defense attorney can try to find others who contributed to the crime that you are charged with. Your criminal law attorney can:

  • Investigate your case
  • Find additional evidence
  • Find additional witnesses
  • Interview witnesses
  • Prepare your defense
  • Negotiate with prosecutors

Your DUI criminal defense attorney can also represent you in agency hearings at the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles to help you get your driving privileges reinstated at the end of your mandatory suspension period. Your DUI lawyer can also represent you in social services hearings as you try to defend your parental rights. Agencies follow their own rules and procedures. Though less formal than criminal court hearings, you need a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with administrative regulations and procedures to prevail in agency hearings.

What is Vehicular Negligent Homicide Versus Manslaughter?

Arizona Revised Statute §13-1102 defines “negligent homicide” as an act of negligence which results in a human death. Vehicular negligent homicide versus vehicular manslaughter differs in the degree of neglect. Killing a pedestrian while speeding without drinking excess alcohol is regarded vehicular homicide because the driver knew his or her speeding could endanger pedestrians or other motorists. The influence of alcohol or drugs takes away the driver’s ability to distinguish pedestrians crossing the street, traffic signals, or changes in the speed limit. Vehicular manslaughter results from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What Is the Penalty for Vehicular Homicide in Arizona?

A vehicular negligent homicide without a dangerous weapon is only a class four felony with an associated penalty of up to one year to three and a half years in jail. The penalty for a second vehicular negligent homicide is two and one-quarter years to seven and one-half years in prison. If you’ve had two prior felony convictions of any kind prior to your vehicular homicide, you’ll probably serve six to fifteen years in prison.

What is vehicular endangerment in Phoenix, Arizona?

Arizona revised statute §13-1201 defines vehicular endangerment as recklessly endangering a child or another adult. Specifically, it’s putting someone at risk of severe physical injury or death while you are driving a motor vehicle. You control your fate. You decided to drive drunk, but you do not have to compound the problem by refusing the sobriety test offered to you or by leaving the scene of the accident. Hit and run by Arizona statute is leaving the scene of an accident whether you caused it or not. As an Arizona motorist, you are expected to stop at the scene of an accident or as close as you can to it because someone could need medical assistance, or your information might be helpful.

What Does Our Phoenix, Arizona, DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Our Phoenix, Arizona, DUI criminal defense attorney has gotten two hit and run vehicular second-degree murder charges reduced to 19 years in prison. Hit and run vehicular manslaughter charges were dismissed. Felony vehicular second-degree murder with a dangerous weapons charge was reduced to misdemeanor DUI charges for our DUI criminal defense lawyer.

Who is our Phoenix, Arizona, DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Our AV-highest preeminent Super Lawyer is rated one of the top 100 American trial lawyers. Our Phoenix DUI attorney is rated one of the ten best by the American Institute of DUI Attorneys. Our criminal defense attorney appears on local television and is ranked within the top 100 lawyers by the American Society of Legal Advocates. Our Phoenix, Arizona, DUI defense attorney ranks in the top one percent of the distinguished legal counsels in the United States.

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