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Theft Attorney David Michael Cantor’s Office Earns Sentence of Probation for Client Facing Over 200 Years in Prison

Scottsdale, AZ. April 21, 2010Theft Crimes Attorney David Michael Cantor’s Office was able to earn a sentence of simple probation for a client who was facing ten Felony charges of Fraudulent Schemes, Theft and Embezzlement and a maximum penalty of over 200 years in prison.

Theft Attorney Cantor’s associate was representing Ms. Cohen, a bookkeeper for a sanitation company that was accused of embezzling $84,000, in the case of the State of Arizona v. Cohen.

After Cohen contacted DM Cantor, it was discovered that Cohen had been indicted and a warrant had been issued for her arrest. Theft Attorney Cantor’s associate was able to get Cohen released on her own recognizance after a few hours at the courthouse.

“At DM Cantor, our ultimate goal is provide our client with the best criminal defense possible,” said Theft Attorney David Michael Cantor. “In the case of Ms. Cohen, we were able to keep a defendant, who was facing over 200 years in prison, from serving any jail time and earned her a reasonable restitution settlement.”

The case was ultimately resolved with Cohen sentenced to probation, no actual jail time and restitution to the sanitation company involving monthly payments of $300 per month.

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