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Vast Majority of Americans unable to name any SCOTUS Justices

Vast Majority of Americans unable to name any SCOTUS Justices

In 2012 the US Supreme Court has made pivotal rulings on President Obamas health care law and Arizona SB1070 immigration law leading to numerous arm chair legal experts around the country. Even with all of this attention on the court and its rulings 2/3rds of Americans are unable to name a single justice, according to a recently released survey.

Of the Justices that people can name the most is Chief Justice John Roberts, but he only comes in correctly 20% of the time.

The least recognizable member is Justice Stephen Breyer with 3% with Kennedy(10%), Alito(5%), and Kagan(4%) also coming in with less than 10% of respondents identifying them.

Even Justices in the media spotlight are somewhere between nobody and the coat checker:
Antonin Scalia (16%)
Clarence Thomas (16%)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (13%)
Sonia Sotomayor (13%)

The study polled 1,000 American adults by telephone with a demographically diverse sample. The margin for error was around 3%.

It could be argued that is SCOTUS was televised then there would be a better understanding of the court. Of course then we would probably be talking less about the case and more about the style of their robes or the courts wood choice.

We have started giving our visitors more information about various Judges in Arizona: Tempe Judges and Scottsdale Judges.

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